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2008 John Deere 5525 - $37,500.00

Serial Number 358012 Hours 3337 Horsepower 81 Weight - - -
cab,ac/heat/radio standard shift trans w/4 speed w/3 speed range,MFWD,tires front 90%/rear 50%(18.4x30),JD 542 front loader w/JD quick attach bucket,draw bar,dual remotes,right rear fender damage
John Deere 5525 Tractor w/JD Loader MFWD
Dscn2264 Dscn2265 Dscn2266 Dscn2267 Dscn2268 Dscn2269 Dscn2270 Dscn2271 Dscn2272 Dscn2273 Dscn2274

2019 John Deere 5065E - $43,500.00

Serial Number 405733 Hours 143 Horsepower 65 Weight - - -
cab,ac/heat/radio,power shuttle trans reverser,w/4 spd/3 spd range,buddy seat,MFWD,tires 95%, JD520M front loader w/JD quick attach bkt, 3 pth,1 set hydraulic remotes,draw bar
John Deere 5065E Tractor w/JD 520M front loader MFWD
Dscn2247 Dscn2248 Dscn2249 Dscn2250 Dscn2251 Dscn2252 Dscn2253 Dscn2254 Dscn2255 Dscn2256 Dscn2257 Dscn2257 Dscn2258 Dscn2259 Dscn2260 Dscn2261 Dscn2262 Dscn2263

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