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2006 CAT 416E - $32,500.00

Serial Number SHA01379 Hours 3,576 Horsepower 87 Weight 15,000
orops,power shuttle trans,extendahoe,2 stick backhoe controls,pedal for e'hoe,air ride seat,2 wd,tires F 90%/R 50%,gp loader bucket,18 " backhoe bucket,flipover stabilizer pads
CAT 416E E backhoe
Dscn2170 Dscn2171 Dscn2172 Dscn2173 Dscn2174 Dscn2175 Dscn2176 Dscn2177 Dscn2178 Dscn2179 Dscn2180 Dscn2181 Dscn2182

2006 CAT 416D - $29,500.00

Serial Number BFP16823 Hours 3,573 Horsepower 79 Weight 15,000
orops,power shuttle trans,2 stick backhoe controls,extendahoe,pedal for e hoe,air ride seat,2 wd,tires F 90%/R50%,gp loader bucket,18" backhoe bucket,flipover stabilizer pads
CAT 416D E B
Dscn2183 Dscn2184 Dscn2185 Dscn2186 Dscn2187 Dscn2188 Dscn2189 Dscn2190 Dscn2191 Dscn2192 Dscn2193 Dscn2194 Dscn2195 Dscn2196

2013 CASE 580 Super N - $62,500.00

Serial Number JJGN580SNT0C586371 Hours 1,349 Horsepower 95 Weight 19,000
cab,ac/heat/radio,power shuttle trans,air ride seat,4 stick foot swing backhoe controls,4x4 tires 50%,4 n1 loader bucket extendahoe,24in. backhoe bucket w/CASE quick attach,flipover stabilizer pads,front counterweight
CASE 580 Super N Cab 4x4 4 in one extendahoe
Dscn2213 Dscn2214 Dscn2215 Dscn2216 Dscn2217 Dscn2219 Dscn2220 Dscn2221 Dscn2222 Dscn2223 Dscn2224 Dscn2225 Dscn2226 Dscn2227

2011 Deere 310J - $37,500.00

Serial Number 190360 Hours 2595 Horsepower 92 Weight 16,000
4 post rops,powershift trans,2 stick backhoe controls, pedal fore E'hoe, 4x4 tires 50%, gp loader bucket, extendahoe, 24' backhoe bucket,flipover stabilizer pads
Deere 310J 4x4 Backhoe
Dscn2338 Dscn2339 Dscn2340 Dscn2341 Dscn2342 Dscn2343 Dscn2344 Dscn2345 Dscn2346 Dscn2347 Dscn2348 Dscn2349 Dscn2350

213 Case 580N - $48,750.00

Serial Number JJGN580NPDC581143 Hours 1746 Horsepower 79 Weight 15,500
cab-ac/heat radio,power shuttle trans, air ride seat,pilot controls, tilt steering wheel-4x4-tires f new,r 50%. gp loader bucket-24' backhoe bucket-flipover stabilizer pads,Case quick attach for Backhoe Bucket
Case 580N Cab 4x4 Backhoe
Dscn2311 Dscn2312 Dscn2313 Dscn2314 Dscn2315 Dscn2316 Dscn2317 Dscn2318 Dscn2319 Dscn2320 Dscn2321 Dscn2322 Dscn2323 Dscn2324

2015 Kubota L39 - $33,500.00

Serial Number 61236 Hours 1,927 Horsepower 39 Weight 7,000
4 post ROPS,shuttle shift trans w/12 speed powershift range,4x4,tires 50%,quick attach loader bucket,front auxillary hydraulics,2 stick b'hoe controls,12" b'hoe bucket w/Kubota quick attach,flip over stabilizer pads,PTO,3pth capability
Kubota L39 4x4 Backhoe Front Aux Hyd
Dscn2367 Dscn2368 Dscn2369 Dscn2370 Dscn2371 Dscn2372 Dscn2373 Dscn2374 Dscn2372 Dscn2373 Dscn2374 Dscn2375 Dscn2376 Dscn2377 Dscn2378 Dscn2379 Dscn2380

2002 Deere 110 - $28,750.00

Serial Number LV010T210176 Hours No display Horsepower 41 Weight 7,600
4 post rops,hydrostatic trans w/hi-med lo range,4x4,tires 60%,quick attach gp loader bucket,18" backhoe bucket,2 stick b'hoe controls,flip over stabilizer pads (NEW pads),PTO,3 pth capability
DEERE 110 4x4 Backhoe
Dscn2427 Dscn2428 Dscn2429 Dscn2430 Dscn2431 Dscn2432 Dscn2433 Dscn2434 Dscn2435 Dscn2436 Dscn2437 Dscn2438

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