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2015 Cat D3K2 XL - $62,500.00

Serial Number HKF200163 Hours 1,640 Horsepower 73 Weight 17,000
4 post ROPS,hydrostatic trans,joystick steer,air ride seat,heater,6 way blade (8'),good cutting edge & end bits,System 1 undercarriage 80%,16" pads
Cat D3K2 XL Dozer
Dscn9081 Dscn9082 Dscn9083 Dscn9084 Dscn9085 Dscn9086 Dscn9087 Dscn9088 Dscn9089 Dscn9090 Dscn9091 Dscn9092 Dscn9093 Dscn9094 Dscn9095 Dscn9096

1998 John Deere 650G LGP Series IV - $29,500.00

Serial Number 844103 Hours 9,799 Horsepower 90 Weight 19,300
4 post ROPS,powershift trans (4 speed),6 way blade (10'),25" pads/chains/pins-bushings/sprockets> all 95%,good bottom rollers & front idlers,rock gaurds
John Deere 650G LGP Dozer
Dscn9272 Dscn9273 Dscn9274 Dscn9275 Dscn9276 Dscn9277 Dscn9278 Dscn9279 Dscn9280 Dscn9281 Dscn9285 Dscn9283 Dscn9284 Dscn9285 Dscn9286 Dscn9287

1999 John Deere 550H LT - $32,500.00

Serial Number 878223 Hours 8,843 Horsepower 80 Weight 16,800
4 post ROPS,hydrostatic trans,joystick steer,6 way blade ( 8'9"),good cutting edges & end bits,18" pads 40%,chains/pins-bushings/sprockets > 70%,good bottom rollers & front idlers
John Deere 550H LT Dozer
Dscn9256 Dscn9257 Dscn9258 Dscn9259 Dscn9260 Dscn9261 Dscn9262 Dscn9263 Dscn9264 Dscn9265 Dscn9265 Dscn9266 Dscn9267 Dscn9268 Dscn9269 Dscn9270 Dscn9271

2006 Case 650K WT Series 2 - $29,850.00

Serial Number CAL002800 Hours 3,148 Horsepower 75 Weight 17,500
orops,limbrisers,rear & side screens(right screen being repaired),hydrostatic trans,joystick steer,6 way blade (9'),Case Long Life Undercarriage 70%,pads 20",rock gaurds
Case 650K WT Series 2 Dozer
Dscn9453 Dscn9454 Dscn9455 Dscn9456 Dscn9457 Dscn9458 Dscn9459 Dscn9460 Dscn9461 Dscn9462 Dscn9463 Dscn9464 Dscn9465 Dscn9466 Dscn9467 Dscn9468 Dscn9469 Dscn9470 Dscn9471 Dscn9472

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