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1999 John Deere 550H LT - $28,000.00

Serial Number 878223 Hours 8,843 Horsepower 80 Weight 16,800
4 post ROPS,hydrostatic trans,joystick steer,6 way blade ( 8'9"),good cutting edges & end bits,18" pads 40%,chains/pins-bushings/sprockets > 70%,good bottom rollers & front idlers
John Deere 550H LT Dozer
Dscn9256 Dscn9257 Dscn9258 Dscn9259 Dscn9260 Dscn9261 Dscn9262 Dscn9263 Dscn9264 Dscn9265 Dscn9265 Dscn9266 Dscn9267 Dscn9268 Dscn9269 Dscn9270 Dscn9271

2005 John Deere 650J LT - $42,000.00

Serial Number 126400 Hours no display Horsepower 90 Weight 18,600
orops,rear screen,hydrostaic trans,joystick steer,6 way blade (10'6"),good cutting edges & end bits,26" pads 60%,sprockets & pins/bushings 80%,good chains-front idlers & bottom rollers,partial rock gaurds
John Deere 650J LT Dozer
Dscn9588 Dscn9589 Dscn9590 Dscn9591 Dscn9592 Dscn9593 Dscn9594 Dscn9595 Dscn9596 Dscn9597 Dscn9597 Dscn9598 Dscn9599 Dscn9600 Dscn9600 Dscn9601 Dscn9602 Dscn9603 Dscn9604 Dscn9605

2005 Komatsu D31PX-21 - $28,500.00

Serial Number 50689 Hours 5,664 Horsepower 75 Weight 16,500
4 post ROPS,rear screen,linbrisers,hydrostatic trans,joystick steer,6 way blade (9'4"),good cutting edge & end bits,24" pads 40%,chains-pins/bushings-sprockets > all 80%,good bottom rollers & front idlers
Komatsu D31PX-21 Dozer
Dscn9954 Dscn9955 Dscn9956 Dscn9957 Dscn9958 Dscn9959 Dscn9960 Dscn9961 Dscn9962 Dscn9963 Dscn9964 Dscn9965 Dscn9966 Dscn9967 Dscn9968 Dscn9969 Dscn9970 Dscn9971 Dscn9972

2004 Case 850K XLT - $39,000.00

Serial Number CAL004016 Hours 2,459 Horsepower 99 Weight 19,600
orops,limbrisers,rear & side screens,hydrostatic trans,joystick steer,6 way blade (8'8"),NEW cutting edges & end bits,18" pads-chains-pins/bushings > all 70%,NEW sprockets,good bottom rollers & front idlers,fuel tank has dents,right rear door has damage
Case 850K XLT Dozer ***fuel tank has dents,right rear door has damage(see pictures)
Dscn0240 Dscn0241 Dscn0242 Dscn0243 Dscn0244 Dscn0245 Dscn0246 Dscn0247 Dscn0248 Dscn0249 Dscn0250 Dscn0251 Dscn0252 Dscn0253 Dscn0254 Dscn0255 Dscn0256 Dscn0257 Dscn0258 Dscn0259 Dscn0260 Dscn0260 Dscn0261 Dscn0262

2008 Komatsu D39PX-21 - $34,500.00

Serial Number 2313 Hours 4,613 Horsepower 99 Weight 19,000
cab,ac/heat,rear screen,hydrostatic trans,joystick steer,6 way blade (10'),good cutting edges & end bits,NEW sprockets,26" pads,undercarriage 60%
Komatsu D39PX-21 Dozer
Dscn0263 Dscn0264 Dscn0265 Dscn0266 Dscn0267 Dscn0268 Dscn0269 Dscn0270 Dscn0271 Dscn0272 Dscn0273 Dscn0274 Dscn0275 Dscn0276 Dscn0277 Dscn0278 Dscn0279 Dscn0280 Dscn0281 Dscn0282

2006 Cat D5G LGP - $38,500.00

Serial Number RKG02372 Hours unknown Horsepower 90 Weight 22,500
hour meter broken no display we installed new meter,4 post ROPS,rear & side screens,hydrostatic trans,joystick steer,6 way blade (10'7"),good cutting edges &end bits,26" pads 40%,NEW sprockets,pins/bushings 70%,good chains-bottom rollers & front idlers
Cat D5G LGP Dozer
Dscn0285 Dscn0286 Dscn0287 Dscn0288 Dscn0289 Dscn0290 Dscn0291 Dscn0292 Dscn0293 Dscn0293 Dscn0294 Dscn0295 Dscn0296 Dscn0297 Dscn0298 Dscn0299 Dscn0300 Dscn0301

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